Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest US Treasury stats... China holds $1.165-trilion in US Treasury notes. More than any other foreign nation. Japan 2nd. UK 3rd.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wisconsin’s Reforms Are Already working

Obama's Path to Reelection Narrows

Why President Obama...

...Is Painful to Watch

SEC Makes S&P Downgrade Inquiries

The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked Standard & Poor's to disclose who within its ranks knew of its decision to downgrade US debt before it was announced last week, the FT reports.

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Retail Sales Rise 0.5%, The Biggest Gain Since March

US retail sales in July posted their biggest gain since March, tempering fears that the world's largest economy might be slipping back into recession.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Italian bond yields...

...rise above Spain's

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GS: Jobless rate has risen for 3 months in a row, another rise would put it on verge of a threshold historically associated with recession

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3ehn: Fundamentals of Italy have not changed overnight. No, just everyone had their head in the sand for years. The insolvency was obvious

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High Speed train wreck

City Journal (@CityJournal)
8/3/11 8:45 PM

High-Speed Train Wreck: California's multi-billion-dollar bullet-train boondoggle was predictable--and predicted...

US borrowing hurtles past 100% of GDP, putting us in a league with the PIGS

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Obama's 2012 problem is that he dare not run as a liberal but cannot run from his liberalism.

If the Dow falls for the 9th straight day today...

...It will be the first time since 1978

Congressional Democrats Aim to...

... Kill Energy's Golden Goose

Inflate, or abdicate

To solve the European debt crises, Germany must suffer inflation – or leave the euro

Layoffs in July

"Sudden And Unexpected" Burst Of Downsizing Causes Layoffs To Explode Nearly 60% In July

Europe on Brink

Europe on Brink of 'Major Financial Collapse': Guggenheim CIO

Private Sector Adds 114,000 Jobs, But Layoffs On the Rise

Private sector payrolls rose at a faster pace than expected in July, but a surprising increase in layoffs helped push the number of announced  jobs cuts to a 16-month high, separate reports showed.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now that the debt deal is law...

...will Geithner soon announce his departure from Treasury?

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10 year Treasury yield down another 10 bps to 2.65%. That's the bond market betting on a recession.

The root of Progressive Despair

The truth about the global demand for food and biofuels

67th Consecutive Week...

...Americans Support Repeal of Obamacare:, the latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows

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@Jeff_Jacoby: If the Obama adm can order insurers to supply women with "free" birth control, why not "free" medicine? "Free" treadmills? "Free" broccoli?

Will Fed Pump More Money as US Economy Sinks?

After the drama of the debt ceiling talks which went down to the wire, investors are now refocusing on the sharp slowdown in the US economy, as downgrades of historical growth estimates show how weak the recovery has been.

Full Story: Article: Tuesday Look Ahead: Markets May Put Aside Washington After Vote and Turn to Economy and Europe

More relieved than satisfied, markets will shift attention from Washington to the sluggish U.S. economy and Europe's debt problems.

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@sanuzis: Obama demonstrated the one key quality common to all unsuccessful leaders: Haplessness.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fine! Call My Bluff!

Remember a few weeks ago when President Obama reportedly said to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: "Eric, don't call my bluff"? Lots of commentators said that this was a "tell"--that by referring to "my

Obama was admitting he was bluffing. Actually, his play was even worse than that. A bluff is a pretense. The bluffer knows he has a weak hand but bets as if he has a strong one in order to induce his opponents to fold. Obama had a weak hand but thought he had a strong one.


CBO confirms that debt-ceiling plan would cut $2.1 trillion

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Monday confirmed that the
debt-ceiling compromise now slowly working its way through a political
minefield would cut deficits by at least $2.1 trillion over 10 years.

The finding, reported in a letter to Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio)
and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), is fresh ammunition for
supporters of the plan in the face of conservative opposition that the
spending cuts are too small.

This recovery in (revised) recovery

Guess what happened to that Obama recovery? - Hot Air

WSJ on the Debt deal

A Tea Party Triumph

More bad poll news for the President

More bad poll news for Obama as debt deal brings smiles to Capitol Hill

Wherefore art thou Mr Keynes

What Time Does the Keynes Wake Start? - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot